The old habits of photo makers must die

I was thinking about something yesterday while walking down the street. We have so many new devices, we even have cars - and I mean Tesla - that do their wireless software updates, but only the photo producers are left behind.

As a proud full-frame owner of Canon, I realize that even if you put a cart of money on a device, there is no such thing as updating the firmware without any hassle. And that's the truth, to update my 6D, I have to wait for it to be produced, to remember to look for it, to put it on the card, and only then to install it.

I don't know how the rest of the manufacturers do it, but Canon sells you the same device at a higher price just because it has an integrated wifi module. Which, of course, made me feel stupid. Instead of having your device at home and receiving a notification when a new version of the software appears, wait and wait. Obviously, in such cases, software such as Magic Lantern flourishes, and manufacturers are surprised that users complain about various functions that they do not find by default in the equipment.

Or, we are, however, in the age when almost everything is connected to the internet. The lack of a wifi module is no longer justified. Stingy with a wifi module or greed for the difference in money is an outdated mentality, especially given that the market is in a continuous decline, considering that more often you take your phone out of your pocket to take a picture than the device in a backpack.

And Canon makes another mistake on the same principle: it offers on the top of the range functions available at Nikon on soaps (OK, I'm exaggerating), such as time-lapse or I know what other nonsense you have anyway on your mobile. This should not be the case.

But both Canon and Nikon persist in the stupid idea of ​​releasing two hundred models each year (again I'm exaggerating), when three would be the maximum they need one very cheap, one medium, and one top, with relatively the same functions. , and you promote them to hell.

At a time when the only difference between a mobile camera and a DSLR is the lack of lenses, fixed aperture, and manual mode (not to mention ISO, mobile cameras already have less noise than many DSLRs). entry-level) when you have slow-motion, panning, and even time-lapse filming on your mobile, you don't have much to offer and you have to adapt.

The only difference between DSLRs at the moment should be just the number of megapixels and the shutter speed, and choosing a camera should only depend on how big you want the camera you hold in your hand...

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